My Second Goal
February 21, 2010

As explained at the end of my yesterday's ghostNASA article, my first goal, now, is to search funds to start up my company, since I've lots of excellent ideas about manned and robotic spacecrafts and spaceflights and, frankly, I'm truly annoyed to "give away" my ideas (publishing them on my website and blog) as happened with my Moonrovers Prize Competition proposal and dozens other ideas!

But, once reached my first goal (that's find, at least, one million dollar to start my company) my second goal will be to write, in about two months, a series of articles/advices (published here or on ghostNASA) to suggest the "right way" to have a better US spaceflight plan, since, 80% of the new NASA plan is WRONG because heavily influenced by the bad and useless Augustine Commission's Report, not forgetting that, the "cheaper price" of the "commercial space" is ONLY A GIANT ILLUSION also if compared with the Space Shuttle program!

Of course, MY proposal of plan for the US spaceflight program is much better and more rational than the current (existing and proposed) plans and with several exciting and original ideas (just hoping that, before, all necessary hardware won't be already scrapped and all the needed money "burned") also, I think, that, a better and cheaper "Constellation 2.0" might be designed and the big aerospace companies (ATK, Boeing, etc.) might not be completely "out of the [new] game" despite the old/bad/expensive Constellation has been deleted.

So, come back here soon!














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