It's NOT a Blue Origin idea!
March 1, 2010

It happened again... again, a big company proposes an idea saying that it has been "developed internally" despite, the same idea, was already proposed and published OVER THREE YEARS AGO on my website and discussed hundreds times on several space fourms and blogs around the world... not forgetting the thousands of accesses to the article's webpage with MY idea from aerospace companies, universities, space agencies, etc. as tracked in last three years by the wesbites counters Logs!

After my 2005's "Moonrovers Prize Competition" idea (twenty months later called the "Google Lunar X Prize") or my 2006's "FAST-SLV" shuttle derived rocket concept (four months later called the "Direct Launcher" by the omonimous LOBBY) or my 2007's "Cellphone Battery Electric Cars" idea (few months later called the "Project Better Place") or my 2008's idea of a "GoOS" (ten months later called the "Chrome OS") and dozens other ideas developed by me and published on my websites and blogs... now it's the time of the Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin.

As you can read in this TechFlash article (and in dozens other articles on the web) NASA has awarded $3.7 million (of the CCDev program) to Blue Origin to "develop an astronaut escape system" called "pusher"... but... Blue Origin ISN'T the best nor the "right" company to which NASA should give the $3.7 million grant, because, the idea of this new escape system, has been FIRST proposed and published OVER THREE YEARS AGO in MY February 10, 2007 article "The Underside LAS" (in which I explain WHY it's better, safer, cheaper and lighter than the old, classic, heavy and dangerous Tower LAS) then, I've proposed MY idea again, in 2008, in TWO ghostNASA articles you can read here and here.

I think, that, it isn't a good/smart choices for NASA (and for any other space agency or company) to award/buy these top research/ideas, NOT from those who have INVENTED these NEW IDEAS, but (nearly always) from those that have read these ideas on the web then (much later) "developed them internally"...  then "freely used"... always WITHOUT pay a CENT (nor acknowledge the paternity of the idea) to those who have INVENTED them... :[

Well, probably, they think to be "smart guys" while use and sell other's ideas found on the web, and make lots of million$ with them, but, all these "smart" companies, must know that, despite I've published too much original ideas on my websites and blogs (and often with too much details) all the ideas published are just a (less than one per cent) FRACTION of the ideas I have in mind (that I've NEVER published nor I'll publish!) and that, also about the ideas already published, I've NEVER said "everything" but only a FRACTION of what I developed (before publish them or years later) to allow these ideas to be SAFER and WORK PROPERLY or be MUCH BETTER than in my early concepts... :)

Transform any of my ideas, from my articles to something good made and practically usable, without have the "full infos" about them nor have any inventor's cooperation, is (exactly) like try to complete a complex puzzle with only half of the puzzle's pieces and without see/know the full picture... :)

That's the reason why the Direct-LOBBY has completely FAILED in its goal to replace the Ares rockets... that's the reason why the Chrome OS will be not so good as expected... that's the reason why the Project Better Place will CLOSE SOON (despite this company has received an avalanche of money!) when better concepts and ideas will be available or revealed... that's the reason why (despite lots of propaganda) the Google Lunar X Prize still is at the starting line and never will succeed... and that's the reason why the Blue Origin's "developed intenally" escape system, will be wrong, unusable or, simply, a modest and weak version of my (full) idea... :)

And, after all, could you paintMona Lisa without Leonardo da Vinci, or the Sistine Chapel without Michelangelo, or make a perfect Formula 1 without Ferrari or cut a good fashion dress without Armani, or win the world soccer championship without the italian team, or cook a dream recipe without an italian chef...? ...clearly, you can't... :)





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